Vaginal cytological investigations in Denmark

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    The number of cervical smears taken in Denmark today equals the number required in a nationwide, organised screening program. In 1971, a systematic planning and registration was considered to be an 'absolute precondition' for a smear-taking activity of this extent. However, central coordination was never carried through and even the total number of smears taken today can only be estimated. Due to the lack of coordination of the smear taking activity, we cannot be certain that all women are offered a smear, despite the large number of tests. Furthermore, in certain regions we have a high spontaneous smear-taking activity in addition to an organised screening program. It is difficult today to measure which effect the smear-taking activity has had on the occurrence of cervical cancer. The Danish Cancer Registry and the Danish Institute of Clinical Epidemiology are collaborating on a study of the regional trends in incidence and mortality of cervical cancer in relation to the data for the regional smear-taking activity presented here.

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    StatusUdgivet - 1 jan. 1982


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