Use of Medical Supplies at the Roskilde Festival 2016: A Prospective Observational Study

Mads Lønnee, Kenneth Geving Andersen, Søren Stagelund, Ole Christensen, Kim Wildgaard

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftArtikelForskningpeer review


INTRODUCTION: Music festivals are popular events often including camping at the festival site. A mix of music, alcohol, drugs, and limited hygiene increases health risks. This study aimed to assess the use of medical supplies at a major music festival, thereby aiding planning at similar events in the future.

METHOD: The Medical Health Care Organization (MHCO) at Roskilde Festival 2016 (Denmark) collected prospective data on disposable medical supply use and injuries and illnesses presenting to the MHCO.

RESULTS: A total of 12,830 patient presentations were registered by the MHCO and a total of 104 different types of disposable medical supplies were used by the MHCO from June 25, 2016 through July 3, 2016. Out of 12,830 cases, 594 individuals (4.6%) had a potential or manifest medical emergency, 6,670 (52.0%) presented with minor injuries, and 5,566 (43.4%) presented with minor illnesses. The overall patient presentation rate (PPR) was 99.0/1,000 attendees and the transport-to-hospital rate (TTHR) was 2.1/1,000 attendees. For medical emergencies, the most frequently used supplies were aluminum rescue blankets (n = 627), non-rebreather masks (n = 121), and suction catheters for an automatic suction unit (ASU) for airway management (n = 83). Most used diagnostic equipment were blood glucose test strips (n = 1,155), electrocardiogram electrodes (n = 960), and urinary test strips (n = 400). The most frequently used personal protection equipment were non-sterile gloves (n = 1,185 pairs) and sterile gloves (n = 189).

CONCLUSION: This study demonstrates a substantial use of disposable medical supplies at a major music festival. The results provide aid for planning similar mass-gathering (MG) events.

Sider (fra-til)306-312
Antal sider7
TidsskriftPrehospital and Disaster Medicine
Udgave nummer3
Tidlig onlinedato19 mar. 2021
StatusUdgivet - jun. 2021


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