Prospective cohort study by InspECT on safety and efficacy of electrochemotherapy for cutaneous tumors and metastases depending on ulceration

Carla Sophie Claussen, Graeme Moir, Falk G Bechara, Antonio Orlando, Paolo Matteucci, David Mowatt, Anthony James P Clover, Matteo Mascherini, Julie Gehl, Tobian Muir, Gregor Sersa, Ales Groselj, Joy Odili, Roberto Giorgione, Luca Giovanni Campana, Giulia Bertino, Pietro Curatolo, Shramana Banerjee, Erika Kis, Pietro QuaglinoRowan Pritchard-Jones, Francesca De Terlizzi, Eva-Maria Grischke, Christian Kunte*

*Corresponding author af dette arbejde

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftArtikelForskningpeer review


BACKGROUND: Electrochemotherapy (ECT) is an effective local treatment for cutaneous tumors. The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of ECT in ulcerated vs. non-ulcerated tumors and investigate the effect on tumor-associated symptoms.

METHODS: Twenty cancer centers in the International Network for Sharing Practices on Electrochemotherapy (InspECT) prospectively collected data. ECT was performed following ESOPE protocol. Response was evaluated by lesion size development. Pain, symptoms, performance status (ECOG-Index) and health status (EQ-5D questionnaire) were evaluated.

RESULTS: 716 patients with ulcerated (n = 302) and non-ulcerated (n = 414) cutaneous tumors and metastases were included (minimum follow-up of 45 days). Non-ulcerated lesions responded to ECT better than ulcerated lesions (complete response 65 % vs. 51 %, p = 0.0061). Only 38 % (115/302) with ulcerated lesions before ECT presented with ulcerated lesions at final follow-up. Patients with ulcerated lesions reported higher pain and more severe symptoms compared to non-ulcerated lesions, which significantly and continuously improved following ECT. In non-ulcerated lesions however, pain spiked during the treatment. No serious adverse events were reported.

CONCLUSIONS: ECT is a safe and effective local treatment for cutaneous tumors. While ECT improves symptoms especially in patients with ulcerated lesions, data suggest the implementation of a perioperative pain management in non-ulcerated lesions during ECT.

Sider (fra-til)470-481
Antal sider12
TidsskriftJDDG - Journal of the German Society of Dermatology
Udgave nummer4
Tidlig onlinedato5 apr. 2022
StatusUdgivet - apr. 2022

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