Outcomes After Spigelian Hernia Repair: A Nationwide Database Study

Lise Lode*, Kristian K Jensen, Frederik Helgstrand, Nadia A Henriksen

*Corresponding author af dette arbejde

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BACKGROUND: Spigelian hernia is a rare hernia of the abdominal wall. Due to lack of evidence, there is no standard recommendation for surgical technique of Spigelian hernia repair. The aim of this study was to evaluate the outcomes after open and laparoscopic, elective and emergency repair of Spigelian hernias on a nationwide basis.

METHODS: Nationwide data from the Danish Ventral Hernia Database and the National Patient Registry was assessed to analyze outcomes after Spigelian hernia repair. A total of 365 patients were operated for Spigelian hernia in Denmark from 2007 to 2018. Ninety-day readmission, 90-day reoperation and long-term operation for recurrence were evaluated, as well as possible differences between open and laparoscopic, and elective and emergency repairs.

RESULTS: Most of the patients (80.5%, 294/365) were operated by laparoscopic approach and 19.5% (71/365) were operated by open approach. Elective surgery was performed in 83.6% (305/365) of the patients and 16.4% (60/365) underwent emergency repair. There were no significant differences in 90-day readmission or reoperation rates between open or laparoscopic Spigelian hernia repairs, P = 0.778 and P = 0.531. Ninety-day readmission and 90-day reoperation rates were also comparable for elective versus emergency repair, P = 0.399 and P = 0.766. No difference was found in operation for recurrence rates between elective and emergency, nor open and laparoscopic Spigelian hernia repairs.

CONCLUSIONS: This study demonstrates that 16% of Spigelian hernia repairs are done in the emergency setting. Open and laparoscopic approach are comparable in terms of early readmission, reoperation, and recurrence rates.

Sider (fra-til)1184-1189
Antal sider6
TidsskriftWorld Journal of Surgery
Udgave nummer5
Tidlig onlinedato7 feb. 2023
StatusUdgivet - maj 2023

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