En bloc ligation of renal vessels is safe and reduces duration of surgery

Nessn Htum Azawi*, Mariam Annalisa Skibsted Hult, Claus Dahl, Mikkel Fode

*Corresponding author af dette arbejde

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftArtikelForskningpeer review


INTRODUCTION: Conventionally, individual ligation of the renal vessels with clips is performed during laparoscopic nephrectomy (LN). Concomitant ligation of the vessels is not a standard procedure due to an expected risk of stapler dysfunction and the development of arteriovenous fistulas (AVF). Using the EndoGIA stapler 45/2.5 mm, we compared en bloc ligation with individual ligation during LN and nephroureterectomy (LNU) with a special focus on the development of AVF and technique safety. METHODS: This was a retrospective study of all patients undergoing LN or LNU at the Department of Urology, Roskilde Hospital, Denmark, between January 2010 and April 2014. The follow-up period was minimum six months. RESULTS: A total of 228 patients underwent LN and 56 patients underwent LNU. In the LN group, 77 patients underwent en bloc ligation. The mean surgical time was significantly reduced to 89 minutes in the en bloc group compared to 109 minutes in the conventional group (p =0.0001). The difference remained significant with multivariate analysis. In the LNU group, seven patients underwent en bloc ligation. There was no significant difference between conventional ligation and en bloc ligation with respect to surgical time in either the univariate or the multivariate analyses. None of the patients needed blood transfusion. With a mean follow-up of 13.5 months, no AVF were found. CONCLUSIONS: En bloc ligation appears to be safe and can reduce the surgical time during LN without increased risk of blood transfusion and without development of AVF. Further studies are needed to assess any advantages associated with use of the method during LNU.

TidsskriftDanish Medical Journal
Udgave nummer2
StatusUdgivet - feb. 2016


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