Class III malocclusion treated with a 3D-printed hybrid hyrax distalizer combined with mentoplate using Alt-RAMEC protocol: A case report

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INTRODUCTION: The aim of this report was to assess the skeletal, dental and soft tissue changes in a juvenile patient with a severe class III malocclusion. This case report describes a novel method of class III treatment using skeletal anchorage for maxillary protraction and Alt-RAMEC protocol.

PATIENT CONCERNS: The patient did not have any subjective complaints before treatment and there was no family history of class III malocclusion.

CLINICAL FINDINGS AND PRIMARY DIAGNOSES: Extra-orally, the patient had a concave profile with a retrusive mid-face and prominent lower lip. The intra-oral examination revealed angle class III malocclusion with a -3-mm overjet. There was no anterior displacement on closure when the patient was assessed clinically. According to the cephalometric analysis, the sagittal jaw relation and Wits appraisal were reduced due to a retrognathic maxilla and prognathic mandible.

INTERVENTIONS: The treatment plan involved maxillary protraction, Alt-RAMEC protocol for 10 weeks and upper molar distalisation with a hybrid hyrax distalizer in combination with a mentoplate. The active treatment time was estimated to 18 months followed by 6 months retention with the appliance.

OUTCOMES: The sagittal jaw relationship was increased by approximately 9°, mainly due to maxillary advancement of 8 mm and a positional change of the mandible anteroposteriorly. Natural decompensation of the lower incisors was also observed. In addition, both the facial profile and the smile became more harmonious after treatment. The treatment analysis revealed that the changes achieved were mainly skeletal and it was possible to avoid adverse effects on the dentition.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, treatment with a hybrid hyrax distalizer combined with mentoplate using the Alt-RAMEC protocol is effective in correcting the anteroposterior discrepancy in a juvenile class III patient and it is possible to achieve maxillary advancement of 8 mm.

Sider (fra-til)183-191
Antal sider9
TidsskriftJournal of Orthodontics
Udgave nummer2
Tidlig onlinedato30 jun. 2023
StatusUdgivet - jun. 2024


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