Catalogues of EQ-5D-3L Health-Related Quality of Life Scores for 199 Chronic Conditions and Health Risks for Use in the UK and the USA

Michael Falk Hvidberg*, Mónica Hernández Alava

*Corresponding author af dette arbejde

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BACKGROUND: Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) measures are essential in economic evaluation, but sometimes primary sources are unavailable, and information from secondary sources is required. Existing HRQoL UK/US catalogues are based on earlier diagnosis classification systems, amongst other issues. A recently published Danish catalogue merged EQ-5D-3L data from national health surveys with national registers containing patient information on ICD-10 diagnoses, healthcare activities and socio-demographics.

AIMS: To provide (1) UK/US EQ-5D-3L-based HRQoL utility population catalogues for 199 chronic conditions on the basis of ICD-10 codes and health risks and (2) regression models controlling for age, sex, comorbidities and health risks to enable predictions in other populations.

METHODS: UK and US EQ-5D-3L value sets were applied to the EQ-5D-3L responses of the Danish dataset and modelled using adjusted limited dependent variable mixture models (ALDVMMs).

RESULTS: Unadjusted mean utilities, percentiles and adjusted disutilities based on two ALDVMMs with different control variables were provided for both countries. Diseases from groups M, G, and F consistently had the smallest utilities and the largest negative disutilities: fibromyalgia (M797), sclerosis (G35), rheumatism (M790), dorsalgia (M54), cerebral palsy (G80-G83), post-traumatic stress disorder (F431), dementia (F00-2), and depression (F32, etc.). Risk factors, including stress, loneliness, and BMI30+, were also associated with lower HRQoL.

CONCLUSIONS: This study provides comprehensive catalogues of UK/US EQ-5D-3L HRQoL utilities. Results are relevant in cost-effectiveness analysis, for NICE submissions, and for comparing and identifying facets of disease burden.

Sider (fra-til)1287-1388
Antal sider102
Udgave nummer10
Tidlig onlinedato18 jun. 2023
StatusUdgivet - okt. 2023

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