Cardiac perfusion, structure, and function in type 2 diabetes mellitus with and without diabetic complications

Martin Heyn Sørensen, Annemie Stege Bojer, David Andrew Broadbent, Sven Plein, Per Lav Madsen, Peter Gæde

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AIMS: Coronary microvascular disease (CMD) is a known complication in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). We examined the relationship between diabetic complications, left ventricular (LV) function and structure and myocardial perfusion reserve (MPR) as indicators of CMD in patients with T2DM and control subjects.

METHODS AND RESULTS: This was a cross-sectional study of 193 patients with T2DM and 25 controls subjects. Patients were grouped as uncomplicated diabetes (n?=?71) and diabetes with complications (albuminuria, retinopathy, and autonomic neuropathy). LV structure, function, adenosine stress, and rest myocardial perfusion were evaluated by cardiovascular magnetic resonance. Echocardiography was used to evaluate diastolic function. Patients with uncomplicated T2DM did not have significantly different LV mass and E/e* but decreased MPR (3.8 � 1.0 vs. 5.1 � 1.5, P?<?0.05) compared with controls. T2DM patients with albuminuria and retinopathy had decreased MPR (albuminuria: 2.4 � 0.9 and retinopathy 2.6 � 0.7 vs. 3.8 � 1.0, P?<?0.05 for both) compared with uncomplicated T2DM patients, along with significantly higher LV mass (149?�?39 and 147?�?40 vs. 126?�?33?g, P?<?0.05) and E/e* (8.3?�?2.8 and 8.1?�?2.2 vs. 7.0?�?2.5, P?<?0.05). When entered in a multiple regression model, reduced MPR was associated with increasing E/e* and albuminuria and retinopathy were associated with reduced MPR.

CONCLUSIONS: Patients with uncomplicated T2DM have reduced MPR compared with control subjects, despite equivalent LV mass and E/e*. T2DM patients with albuminuria or retinopathy have reduced MPR and increased LV mass and E/e* compared with patients with uncomplicated T2DM. E/e* and MPR are significantly associated after adjustment for age, hypertension, and LV mass, suggesting a link between CMD and cardiac diastolic function.

CLINICAL TRIAL REGISTRATION: Unique identifier: NCT02684331.

Sider (fra-til)887-895
Antal sider9
TidsskriftEuropean Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging
Udgave nummer8
Tidlig onlinedato2019
StatusUdgivet - 1 aug. 2020

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