Calcium Electroporation of Equine Sarcoids

Stine K Frandsen, Julie Gehl, Trine Tramm, Martin S Thoefner

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftArtikelForskningpeer review


Sarcoids are common equine skin tumors where the risk of recurrence after treatment is high, and better treatment options are warranted. Calcium electroporation is a novel anti-cancer treatment where lethally high calcium concentrations are introduced into the cells by electroporation, a method where short high-voltage pulses induce transient permeabilization of the cell membrane. This study investigated the safety and long-term response of calcium electroporation on sarcoids. Thirty-two sarcoids in eight horses were included. The study suggested that calcium electroporation is a safe and feasible treatment for sarcoids, including inoperable sarcoids. Horses were treated once (2/8) or twice (6/8) under general anesthesia, where sarcoids were injected with 220 mM calcium chloride followed by electroporation with 8 pulses of 100 μs, 1 kV/cm, and 1 Hz. Biopsies were taken prior to treatment. The sarcoid size was monitored for 12-38 weeks after the first treatment. Complete response was observed in 22% (6/27) of treated sarcoids, and partial response in 22% (6/27), giving a 44% total response. Treatment efficacy did not appear to be related to location, type, or size. In all non-biopsied lesions, a complete response was seen (4/4). In conclusion, in this small study, 44% of sarcoids responded with 22% of sarcoids disappearing.

Udgave nummer3
StatusUdgivet - 19 mar. 2020


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