Acyl-CoA oxidase 1 from Arabidopsis thaliana. Structure of a key enzyme in plant lipid metabolism

Lise Pedersen, Anette Henriksen

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    The peroxisomal acyl-CoA oxidase family plays an essential role in lipid metabolism by catalyzing the conversion of acyl-CoA into trans-2-enoyl-CoA during fatty acid beta-oxidation. Here, we report the X-ray structure of the FAD-containing Arabidopsis thaliana acyl-CoA oxidase 1 (ACX1), the first three-dimensional structure of a plant acyl-CoA oxidase. Like other acyl-CoA oxidases, the enzyme is a dimer and it has a fold resembling that of mammalian acyl-CoA oxidase. A comparative analysis including mammalian acyl-CoA oxidase and the related tetrameric mitochondrial acyl-CoA dehydrogenases reveals a substrate-binding architecture that explains the observed preference for long-chained, mono-unsaturated substrates in ACX1. Two anions are found at the ACX1 dimer interface and for the first time the presence of a disulfide bridge in a peroxisomal protein has been observed. The functional differences between the peroxisomal acyl-CoA oxidases and the mitochondrial acyl-CoA dehydrogenases are attributed to structural differences in the FAD environments.

    Sider (fra-til)487-500
    Antal sider14
    TidsskriftJournal of Molecular Biology
    Udgave nummer3
    StatusUdgivet - 21 jan. 2005


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