A proficient mentor is a must when starting up with research

Keld Kjeldsen*

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    Modern research is highly competitive, with a demand for publications soon after the start of a research career. Thus, a proficient mentor - a supervisor - is now recognized to be essential for success when starting up with research. A proficient mentor may introduce an individual to the crucial points in a particular field of research, which cannot simply be identified by a novice by reading background literature. Influential and sustained mentorship enhances research activity and a researcher's career. The present paper provides a guide on how to make an informed, rational decision about which qualities to seek in a prospective mentor. An individual should seek a mentor with a research field of interest and with the potential of being a proficient mentor. Which questions must the novice in research always consider before committing himself or herself to a mentor? A mentor should be evaluated on the basis of insight and knowledge, time for supervision and productivity. Furthermore, a mentor's reputation as supervisor must be taken into account. Aim early at obtaining an appointment for a meeting with a prospective mentor and show up prepared by having read relevant information. Be aware that the mentor will also continuously evaluate the apprentice's qualifications. It is important that the apprentice's expectations regarding the mentor's input - and vice versa - are well defined at an early stage. When both parties decide to give it a go, start by creating a research plan. This plan will serve as a written commitment between apprentice and mentor.

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    TidsskriftExperimental and Clinical Cardiology
    Udgave nummer3
    StatusUdgivet - 17 okt. 2006


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