Cross-sectoral Virtual-4-Meeting to improve coordinated care for frail older people with multimorbidity



The application extends the positive experiences and results we achieved in the
exploratory study: Designing a Virtual-4-Meeting (V4M). In that study we conducted V4M (N=11) by video conferencing in the patients’ ward during hospitalization, between four stakeholders; patient and their relatives, general practitioner (GP), hospital health care professional (HCP) and municipality HCP.
Based on our findings, we plan to test and evaluate, the effect of implementing of the V4M guideline for a larger group of patients (N=250) with a pre-post design to evaluate whether the intervention could be implemented in any clinical or community context.
We also investigate which competence development and screenings tools can contribute to high-quality transmission care and the patients and HCP assessment of benefit by V4M.
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